3 Reasons This Walking Stick Is OVER 11,343 Outdoorsmen's Go-to Carry

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1. Unlock the freedom of lightweight hikes AND be prepped for a variety of situations.

Carrying too many items on your outdoor trips weighs you down.

Not only does it make you tired quicker but having to reach into your pack every time you need something is inconvenient.

BUT it has to be done because you don't want to be caught unprepared when the time calls for it.

The 9+ tools packed into this walking stick solves this exact dilemma.

2.  Easily break down for storage. Just as easy to put together.

The Walking Stick can be broken down into pieces. This way while its not in use you can store it in your car, bug out bag or emergency kit.

When it’s needed, screw it back together (takes about 10 seconds) and you're good to go!

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3. This WILL outlive you

For a product like this durability is important. At the same time it can't be too heavy. It NEEDS to be comfortable to use.

A 6061 -T6 alloy is used to achieve this unbreakable - lightweight fusion. 

Due to the desirable strength/weight ratio of this alloy you'll even find it being used in aircrafts, boats and car chassis'.

The end result? A walking stick that weighs 2 lbs and can hold up to 350 lbs. And strong enough to break rocks.

You can try out this walking stick for 100 days. If you decide its not for you, just send it back.


After the 100 days, you're covered with a 25 year warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Where does it ship from? How long does it take?

Unbreakxble ships from the US. Delivery is shipped out same day or next day and takes 3 - 5 business days.

How long has Unbreakxble been in business

Unbreakxble have been around since 2018.

Can I buy extra sections?

Ofcourse, including extra sections, there are different attachments available too. The team are also always working on developing new ones.

Can I really try out the product for 100 days?

Yes you can. Unbreakxble understands people like to have something in hand before making a decision. For this reason they allow customers to return a product within 100 days if they're not satisfied.

Military/service discounts?

Yes. Get in touch with the customer support team with proof of service and they will sort you out.

What comes with the walking stick?

On the order page, there are pictures showing you exactly what comes according to your choice, and also a detailed written explanation.