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Trekking Pole Bottom
Kevin Bedrosian (North Port, US)
Great item but needs more grip

Nice item, very sturdy. However you need to make one with a softer more grippy rubber surface at the bottom for wet floors and slippery areas. I use mine to walk I have bad knees and the attachment is not as grippy as I would like. When you create one let me know I'll buy it right away.

Fishing Rod Tube
1Mindbender (Seattle, US)
Nice addition (7th segment of my MKII Sytem)

Pretty good quality for a tricky design. It took some time to figure out where this fish'n pole segment would fit as the 7th piece in my hiking stick. Bought a reel seat/clamp off of Amazon that fit, used Gorilla Tape to attach the seat to the segment. Tried even a medium sized spinning reel with it and the reel seat/clamp feels secure (I always carry a small rolled up amount of duct type tape in my pack for emergencies).

Now with the 7th segment added, it has a proper height/grip for me... going to set a small amount of tackle that will fit into one of the segments.

MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
Richard Carrier (New Orleans, US)
Repeat Customer

Happy the first time, back for more. Little expensive but definitely worth the money.

MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
stephen haag (Stroudsburg, US)
Awesome walking stick

perfect for hiking in the woods or just taking a walk, gives you a little security when walking alone and a good survival tool if needed in the woods nice tool to have.

MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
John Edwards (Hayes, GB)

Exactly what I ordered

MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
Jeff Whitton (Sydney, AU)
MK II System - Australia


I received my order on time and .
I really appreciated the updates sent regarding production phase and shipping.
I received all the attachments as ordered.
Assembly was straightforward.
A high level of engineering was evident with assembly being very tight and strong.
Your product is very sturdy and rugged just as advertised.
The Survival Walking Stick is not cheap and it is not a toy.
The system I bought is worth what I paid for it.
It is a tool I can depend on with many beneficial features.
When holding the stick I am most impressed with its substantial and solid feel.
again it is not a toy; very much a tool.
The stick is heavy.
I would imagine some survivalists/hikers would not like the sticks heft.
However, the sticks substantial feel and heft is one of the things that gives me reassurance the item will not fall apart in use.
Few products nowadays live up to their advertisement - but the MKII System has for me.


MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
Bill Fosbenner (Altamonte Springs, US)
WJF Review

The MK II Survival System - Walking Stick is better than advertised. Very easy to use, and excellent construction. I highly recommend the system!!

MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
Gary L Russ (Macclenny, US)
Advantage tool

Great stick. Almost too nice to use.
Need a little length

MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
Stan Thompson (Phoenix, US)

Strong walking stick. Just what I was looking for

Too expensive for what you get

MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
Nick Plantz (Littleton, US)

This thing is awesome I paired mine with the T handle and it’s just perfect I can’t wait to get it out this weekend on some icy trails outside of Denver.

MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
David Chamberlain (Crestview, US)
A tough walking stick

I like this walking stick. It is lightweight and strong.

I ordered the whole set, but I didn’t get what I ordered. I tried to contact them but got no response.

Did not receive

Did not receive

Received today as promised!

Worked perfect!! Thanks

It was everything I expected it to be. I havnt had a chance to go hiking yet but I’m excited too. Thanks

MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
LARRY McFarland (Beaumont, US)

just what i wanted

MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
chad Krakauskas (Mesa, US)
Great product, slow response and service

I had to pay 60 additional dollars for the post office to hold by package, because that would be out of state. I emailed the company as soon as they give me a shipping date, as the shipping date fell on a day I would be out of state. The company got back to me way too late, after it had shipped, to do anything about it.

MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
Michael Hicks (Carnegie, US)
Well built.

Well built strong delivered on time.

MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
Sonya Shuler (Delaware, US)
It looks exactly as advertised.

Purchased as a Christmas gift for my son. It's looks sturdy and well made. The packaging was good quality and arrived before the estimated ship date. My only disappointment was that there was no literature inside to identify was it is and that there are accessories available.

MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
Richard Wright (Dallas, US)
Walking stick

Awesome, I am looking forward to using it

MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
Perry Schmidt (Saint Paul, US)
You get what you get

well parcel was tore open, box was taped back together looks like it feel off back of truck, out side that was sadden the way i got it,, but oh well they taped it back together
To bad it came that way,, but again oh well

T-Shape Handle
jeff (Lower Adirondacks, NY) (Ballston Lake, US)
Completes the Unbreakxable system

This T-handle (and the paracord handle section expansion) complete the Unbreakxable system for me. Ok, ok, maybe the shovel attachment someday may complete it ;)
Quality is exemplary as is the fit and finish. Color matched the rest of my system perfectly. To reduce hand fatigue and give a bit of insulation in the cold, I fitted a closed-cell handgrip over the shaft of the T-handle. This combined with the paracord handle section greatly add to the comfort of carrying this.