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Walking stick

Awesome !!!

Good quality, well made

I am going to order more pieces. Happy with the pruchase

Great stick, but unfortunately not for me

When I received the order, there’s no question the product was well made and of a high quality. But for my everyday hiking, it is a bit heavy (and I had to buy an extra section to get it to a reasonable height). And for hiking in the local parks and nature preserves, this stick might be a little too much. That said, the company was very good about letting me return the product and refunding my payment.

Trekking Pole Bottom
Justin Kreinbrink

Great product!

David Walkingstick

I just wanted to say I put my walking stick together this thing is bad ass very cool this Wednesday or Thursday I’m going to buy another one I already bought extra attachments for my second one I suggest buying one for hiking or keep it in your vehicle

Paracord Tube

Excellent product. Glad I ordered.

Too short

Do you sell added sections?

Great service

Love it

Good product

The stick is sturdy and well built

Excellent item!

I have been a machinist or around machining my entire adult life (currently a Quality Manager at a machine shop) and even I was very impressed by the quality and workmanship of this à

Solid stick

Great stick with all the cool features, definitely taking to the trails all the time. Ferro stick was broken in the box but said they will send out another.

WOW! This is NOT just a Walking Stick!

This is an INVESTMENT! This Staff will be passed down to my Son, then to my Grandson and then my Great Grandson! The Sheer Quality of this Staff is immeasurable!!!! Finest piece of Survival Equipment I have owned, and with care, will last SEVERAL LIFETIMES! I got the Optional Braided Handle, the Camera Mount, and will be purchasing the Flashlight, “T” Handle “Hammer” Attachment, as well! I used it yesterday for a hike and actually had to engage and Defend myself from a Small, but VERY Pissed off “Mother Black Bear”, I stood my Ground, and gave her a couple of “Well Placed” JABS, and she decided I wasn’t worth her time and took her Cubs and scurried away! I would LOVE to see a “Machete” Type attachment developed for this Staff, I realize it could not be very Thick, but it could be Long, spanning several Tube Sections, for Brush/Vine Clearing! (Just a Thought guys”
All in All, I’ve put it thru its paces, and it has shined Beyond my expectations!
I HIGHLY Suggest ANY Outdoorsman to have one of these! PLEASE don’t be like me and put it off because of the Cost! It is WELL WORTH EVERY SINGLE CENT! This is QUALITY WORKMANSHIP at its Finest!

Love this walking stick

It’s great

There should have been more color options for the Paracord.

Trekking Pole Bottom
Michael G Sabol

I bought just about the entire setup and got to use it all last week. Worth every penny.

Trekking Pole Bottom
James Hatley
Trekking Pole Bottom

Works great for the rugged terrain

Love it

I breakable Stick Unbelievable

Love it! Actually better than advertised. Glad I purchased one.

Trekking Pole Bottom
Russell Harris
Great Company

Very happy with my order and overall experience!

Fantastic product

All things great

I really like the whole thing very strong easy to take apart to the different tools it has like it a lot .

Unbreakable Walking Stick

Great product, very well built, base package MK II is only 3 feet high, suitable, perhaps, for sturdy dwarves and tiny people the world over. I did have to add a second purchase of extensions, (I'm only 5' 10"), in order to bring it up to a useable height. Great product, base package should really be more structured for out of the box use by adults.

A Very Strong Light

I bought this with the intention of attaching it to the T-handle I use the this in the cane format. The light is very bright and seems to hold a very decent charge. The only draw back I've seen is that the glass of the light is very close to the edge and is subject to damage if it falls. I solved this problem by taking a 1 1/8 cane tip, cutting out the center and a small notch to accommodate the charging port. My cane has actually fallen twice and I am positive that this slight modification has protected the light from damage.

T-Shape Handle
David Jelinek
good addition

well built, strong.

MK II Review

Looks like a great product. I ordered additional sections and look forward to using it on trails as well as a wading staff.

T-Shape Handle
Jerry L Lippincott

Quick delivery