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Awesome idea

I don’t have any regrets. This thing is super cool and seems to be very sturdy and well made. I will probably get a couple more attachments/sections to make it taller because as it stands right now it isn’t tall enough to use as a walking stick.

Should come with all the attachments! Just sayin

Fishing Rod

Haven’t used it yet, but fits in my unbreakable staff and folds out and in without a problem.


Compact, use it for digging fire line

It was great keep doing good

Excellent product, love it.

T-Shape Handle
Donny Johnson Jr.
Love it

It is perfect. I wish there was a male-to-male attachment so that I could change the orientation of the blades.

Fishing Rod Tube
Darren Exendine
unbreakable fish rod

No idea of the quality. Won't know until I am in a life altering emergency. But it is in my go bag. Love the products unbreakable has made. Not so fond of how the packages are setup. Seems it should be more flexible for consumers to put together their own choice of components.

Great product

I have only used it once but it was great and can't wait to use it again.

Nice Little Fishing Pole

Some instructions with this one would have been nice. As another reviewer mentions, it was in pieces by the time I received it and it took me a few minutes to figure out how to reassemble the device. Also, it took me another few minutes, but I finally figured out that this tube needed to be the second from the last on my staff. That was the only position (on mine) where it would fit! So, just a simple drawing showing recommended placement and maybe a few sentences explaining how to reassemble the fishing pole would have helped immensely. I just got it so I haven't had a chance to use it, and since it is part of my catastrophe prep stash, I hope to never have to use it. But if I ever do, I sure hope it works as expected!!

finishing what you guys started here.

This is just what I was looking for , now to add my modifications. single shot shot gun shell, 12 inch external retractable spike. 60 thousand volts jumping a air-gap at the tip of the stick, and there is a 4th thing I will be adding to my walking stick. thanks guys = Love it.

Multifunctional Walking Stick by Unbreakxble®

Multifunctional Walking Stick by Unbreakxble®

Marvelous concept, questionable execution.

The video is a great sales tool, but it does not tell you the height or weigh. So I ordered the basic stick, and was quit disappointed when a 36" or 90cm stick arrived. I am only 5'-6" tall and that length was useless. So I ordered the wrapped extension piece and the T-Handle. After assembling it is still only 44" tall (102cm), which is useable, BUT it now weighs a full three pounds! YES, it is exceptionally well made, and I would guess indestructible with very well made tools, BUT you need to be a weight lifter to carry it any distance.

trapping stick

have yet to see it after paying for express shipping

Missing parts

It is very sturdy and durable, it took a little bit to figure out the hiding spots for the different parts. Better than expected.

Incredibly well designed and manufactured!

This is an amazing product. I wasn’t expecting it to be this well made and thought out. The material and workmanship are top notch. WOW!!! I actually got more than I paid for!! Thank you!

Individual Tube with Paracord

Multifunctional Walking Stick by Unbreakxble®

I am very pleased with this item. Well built and thought out

Fishing Rod Tube
Mark Matthews
Fishing rod

I like the pole. Just need to figure a way reel line.

Survival staff

I purchased these when they first came out and available in multi colors. One of them even has a flint rod in it! These things are a must have! I keep one in the truck with the shovel accessories. I love these staffs. If I only could have one tool for survival, this would be it!

Trekking Pole Bottom
Elizabeth Clinton

Nice but a little heavy

Haven't received it yet

I can't review what I don't have. I ordered and paid for it and it's still not here

Individual Tube
Howard Smith

Individual Tube