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MK I Walking Staff

Good product

It is a great combination of self defense and survival

never received this walking stick. It was sent to wrong address and returned to you. Please resend. Should be sent to 4567 Mesa Central Drive, Las Cruces new Mexico 88011 thank you. I am also interested in the shovel.

Two thumbs n four paws 🐾 way up

I’ll love it I used it already to protect my dog 🐕 n self from a Fox 🦊 thankyou


Its practically heavy for backpacking. It’s more of a vehicle carried tool like a large shovel and saw. Oh well.

Sturdy staff

It solid and defendable. The only lack was it came with three spear heads and they probably going to be it's only week point

Solid and versatile walking staff

The MK walking staff is solid and as-advertised. I bought the longest available and it has versatile sharp ends for fishing, hunting and anything you need to jab. It's got a good weight to it and can be shortened by removing one of the sections. This is a must have for the outdoors person / survivalist.

Pretty great walking stick...

So far, this is quite a stunning walking stick. It would be great if extra pieces and attachments were available now (and the extra staff pieces are a bit spendy). It ended up being easier to buy a second walking stick. If all goes as planned this should be quite an EDC piece for many years, now at a more appropriate walking staff length.

Durable product
Happy with my purchase


Works good

MK I Walking Staff

Met all expectations

Package arrived and met all expectations.

What I hoped for

Very happy with the staff. great construction and very sturdy.

Have not used it yet, but looks tough as nails!

For now, very happy! Company is quick to respond to questions. Product looks amazingly strong and durable. Anxious to take it on some hikes this spring.

MK I Walking Staff

MK I Walking Staff


Renews my confidence in buying online materials that are quality, and for exceed expectations.

Walking staff

Can’t wait to use it on a hike

Super Cool

Haven’t had a chance to walk with it yet but love the heavy duty construction and survival options!

terrific product, excited to use it more!

The Walking Staff arrived very quickly after ordering, it was in great shape and assembled easily with little to no trouble, the weight seems perfect and the adjustable nature and utility of the product are bar none ahead of competitive products. I am excited to keep using my Walking Staff, and equally excited to buy more attachments as they become available for purchase again.

Walking Stick for Mudfest Hawaii

Great quality fit and finish


Has sufficient weight to it that gives workout, was able to walk safely in crowded trails so it is handy

MK I Walking Staff

walking staff

nice finish, solid construction, a bit heavier than i expected; you can remove one one or two sections and you have a cane. also you can break it down it will fit into your glove compartment. In an emergency this can be a defensive weapon.

MK I Walking Staff

I purchased the Walking Staff with a single extension piece more for the Staff aspect and a Self-Defense item than a "survival tool" per se. Very solid construction, durable, and with the extension piece it comes to mid-sternum level at my height and still lightweight at perhaps 4 lbs. Perhaps somewhat spendy in price but absolutely worth it to me for the very durable construction and tool options it contains.